Cosmic Swirl Ceramic Mate Gourd

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If you like drinking Yerba Mate tea from a gourd but like being able to clean it then you will love this ceramic mate gourd. It fits the hand nicely while the curve holds the Yerba Mate much like a regular gourd. This makes it easier to let it steep in the initial cooler water before adding in successive amounts of hot water.

This special edition mate gourd includes a side hole to hold the metal mate straw (Bombilla) in place. Enjoy this as a go to mug of your own or as a special gift.

The Yerba Mate ceramic mug is approximately 3 inches high and 2 inches wide. It holds about 12 Oz. of liquid. These are made from lead-free material and are dishwasher safe.

Each ceramic gourd starts with the same red base and then a secondary glaze creates a unique swirl of color along the inner and sides of the mug. Some variation is expected with most ceramic pieces and these are no different.

This is a holiday special with only 7 available. Once gone, they are gone! These do not include the stainless steel Bombilla but does include free shipping.