Ceramic Gourds from WJC Pottery

Traditionally natural gourds are a very popular choice for drinking mate. The region where mate comes from has the natural gourds readily available and inexpensive. The curing process adds to the flavor of the mate over time. Of course the traditional gourds are hard to dry out completely and over time there is unwanted mold. 
This is where ceramic mate gourds are a great choice offering easy cleaning, while lasting much longer. Although ceramic gourds get hot to the touch from boiling water, there are some who say that tea leaves taste better when using only warmed water. Regardless it’s better to allow the tea to steep for better flavor and boosted benefits. When the ceramic mate gourd is no longer too hot to touch you know it’s steeped long enough and will be easier to drink (not too hot).
All the mate gourds from WJC pottery are made with lead-free, food-safe materials. Cleaning your gourd by hand is recommended if you want the natural shine of the glaze to last longer. Although you can technically put these in the microwave it’s not recommended due to build-up of heat.
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