Ceramic shaving bowls are very easy to use and help the environment at the same time! These ceramic shaving bowls have some slight grooves in the bottom to help keep the soap puck intact. If you haven’t used a shaving bowl, you are in for a real treat! Although it can take a little getting used to, once you do it really is a nicer feeling.

Using a Ceramic Shaving Bowl

  1. Take a fresh soap puck, wet the bottom of it just slightly and then press firmly into place at the bottom of the bowl. Wetting it helps adhere better to the grooves in the bottom of the bowl. You can also warm the bowl in hot water making it easier to create a bond between the bowl and soap.
  2. Take your shaving brush and either let it soak in some hot water or run under hot water for a minute. Having the shaving brush nice and warm helps with getting a good lather.
  3. Take your warm shaving brush and rub it along the soap puck in a kind of back-and-forth motion similar to whisking eggs. This will produce a lather that you build up until you have enough to cover your face for shaving. Usually, the more you rub the soap with the brush the thicker the lather. Experiment and see what thickness of lather you like best and then adjust your rubbing accordingly.
  4. Apply to your face and shave. Some suggest doing this just out of the shower or warming your face first so that it’s easier to shave. You can also use the brush and rub the soap around your skin to help get a good bond before using the razor. Obviously it’s up to you, experiment and see what seems best! Keep in mind also when you are shaving with the razor it will be a slightly different feel than shaving with shaving cream. This may take a little getting used to however there are many who prefer the whole feel over using a can.


  1. Can I heat the ceramic shaving bowl up in the microwave? This is not recommended as it can get too hot! Consider instead letting the bowl sit in a bit of hot water, it should warm up nicely. There are some who like to warm the soap and the bowl before starting but you really don’t need much to warm it.
  2. Is the ceramic bowl lead free? Yes! Although it’s designed to be used with shaving soap, this is not only lead free but also food safe. You could eat out of it if you wanted to! 🙂 I wouldn’t recommend it though as obviously the grooves get in the way however you can feel safer in case a little one should decide to use dad’s bowl for their cereal.
  3. Can I use this in the dishwasher? This is not recommended as it dulls the look of the glaze. Just use a warm sponge hand wash or to wipe clean any dust or excess soap.

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