Instructions for Ceramic Chawans

The following instructions and FAQ should answer any questions regarding the use and care of the ceramic chawans. If you still have more there is a fly out to the right of this page where you can leave a voice message or you can use the contact page.

Each of the ceramic chawans is unique. Since they are handmade they can vary slightly with the look of the glaze and the overall shape. Many people love this since it sets them apart from factory made items.

This particular type of chawan is designed to easily whisk matcha tea with a rounded bottom and taller sides. The size is designed to large enough to whisk tea while being small enough to easily drink directly out of without feeling awkward. Chawans can also be considered and used as rice bowls.

Basic Instructions for Preparing Matcha Tea

  1. The bowl is designed for both preparation and drinking matcha tea.
  2. Boil water and then let it cool slightly. If you use boiling water directly it can make the tea bitter
  3. Measure out about 1 tsp of matcha tea into the chawan.
  4. It’s best/easiest to mix the powder with 2 oz. of water with matcha whisk then slowly stir in more water to taste.
  5. The bowl holds 8-10 oz. when full although 4-6 oz. of tea is a good average but it depends on desired strength of flavor.

Chawan FAQ

Are these dishwasher safe? Yes, you can clean these in a dishwasher. There are some who will wash by hand to prolong the bright glaze color however that’s true for many items since dishwasher soap can be harsh.

Is the glaze lead free? Yes! The glaze is lead free and food safe.

Here are video instructions with some background on the chawan and a fun matcha tea recipe: