Instructions for Ceramic Yerba Mate Gourds

The following instructions and FAQ should answer any questions regarding the use and care of the ceramic mate gourds. If you still have more there is a fly out to the right of this page where you can leave a voice message or you can use the contact page.

Much like a gourd made in nature, each of the ceramic gourds is unique. Since they are handmade they can vary slightly with the look of the glaze and the overall shape of the gourd. Many people love this since it sets them apart from factory made items.Red Swirl Ceramic Gourd

Basic Yerba Mate Instructions

  1. Put some mate in the gourd, how much is really up to your desired taste, try a couple of teaspoons and then adjust.
  2. Put your hand over the top of the gourd and then turn the gourd upside down a couple of times. The mate shouldn’t come out since your hand is covering the opening. This process usually brings the larger stems from the mate to the surface making it easier to drink and less likely to clog the straw.
  3. Now fill the gourd slightly with cool water. Let it sit for a minute.
  4. Add boiling water to the top. Let sit for 3-5 minutes and try it. If it’s still too hot then wait or carefully take a sip and then add cool water. Enjoy!
  5. Optional: add variations such as adding sweetener like stevia or mixing it with mint tea for a slightly different taste.


Is this dishwasher safe? Yes, throw it in without worry. Some do wash them by hand to improve the possibility of the glaze colors staying brighter longer.

How can I use this with no handle? Doesn’t it get too hot to hold? Generally if the mug is too hot to handle, it’s going to be too hot to drink! In fact, boiling hot water actually makes the mate bitter. It’s better to mix in cool water, then wait until the gourd has cooled enough to handle. You could also use a small hand towel as a buffer from the heat when moving the gourd to your desk.


FAQ (for those ceramic gourds that have a bombilla)

How do I clean the bombilla? The end of the bombilla screws off and then can be washed out. You can also get a small pipe cleaner and run that through the metal straw and straw end.

What if the straw clogs? This happens with any metal straw, you can blow outwards to periodically clear or swish it around.