Handmade Vermont Ceramic Mate Gourds

Yerba mate tea has all kinds of health benefits including weight loss, improved energy and mental focus, boosts your immune system and more. Of course there is no guarantee…as in it may improve energy and mental focus not that it will improve it. Everyone responds differently to tea and diets so you have to experiment to see…However, even if you just want a cleaner energy boost than coffee it’s a great way to start your day.

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Each of the handmade ceramic gourds offer a unique way to enjoy your mate. Couldn’t you just use any old mug to drink your mate? Technically yes you could but a lot of people enjoy the overall experience that drinking from a special gourd provides. 

There is a process to preparing and drinking mate that’s more fun than just throwing leaves and hot water into a cup. From preparing to sharing mate with others that experience is what makes mate fun. Having a unique looking handmade ceramic mate gourd to use versus a generic white coffee cup is part of that enjoyment.

Midnight Blues Mate Gourd

The Midnight Blues ceramic mate gourd offers a lot of subtle swirling within the glaze that is hard to capture with a photo. There is a distinct look to the gourd and you aren’t likely to get any that look the same more so than with any other glaze combination.

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Bonus Bombilla

Most of the ceramic mate gourds come with a bonus 5″ stainless steel bombilla with removable end. I picked this one out because it’s stainless steel and has a removable end making it easier to clean.

Red Swirl Mate Gourd

The red swirl mate gourd is the most popular of all. The bright red base color provides instant appeal while the secondary glaze gives an interesting texture.

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Space Dust Mate Gourd

Space Dust offers a distinct blue color that stands out over a murky red. I tried to capture a sense of the blue of the earth sky against a dusty swirl of red…yeah space is black however there are stunning red colors throughout. Anyway, I guess I was going off of the song Dust in the Wind and combining that with earth and space…you know but it’s up to you on how you see it. 🙂

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Food Safe Materials

Food safe and lead free glazes used means both of us are healthier. For you when you use the gourds and for me when I create them. Better glazes and clay result in better pottery while still remaining safe to use with food.

Blue Swirl Mate Gourd

The Blue Swirl Mate Gourd comes in second place with Midnight Blues as the most popular. The blue color wins out however in person you get a truer view of the subtle glaze overlay providing texture and dimension. I tried just blue but it was too plain so this provides enough subtle contrast to be a bit different every time.

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You Get a Handmade Ceramic Gourd with Bonus Stainless Steel Bombilla and Free Shipping!

Please allow 2-3 weeks to create and deliver.